Fuel Gas Treatment

KASRAVAND Fuel Gas Conditioning packages process gas to ensure it is free of liquids and solids. This is particularly critical in gas turbine applications where severe damage may be caused to the turbine if the gas is not ultra clean and dry. Metered fuel gas is normally required at a steady operating pressure and at a safe margin above dew point.

KASRAVAND supply complete modules for the provision of clean, dry, metered gas at the required pressure and temperature from an untreated, unregulated gas source. In most instances the gas to be treated is natural gas from a gas transmission pipeline.

The plants are designed to minimize installation time and costs and to maximize ease of operation.



Fuel Gas Treatment packages are used in many applications to provide specific pre-treatment of gas feed streams upstream of various processes such as:

  • Utility fuel and instrument gas systems
  • Offshore power generators
  • Cement plants
  • Gas turbine power stations


KASRAVAND has a well-established track record in providing optimized Fuel Gas Treatment packages customized to each unique application that includes a combination of equipment such as:

  • Knock-out drums / Filter/coalescers / Heaters
  • Pressure adjustment (reduction or compression) / Gas metering/ Gas storage systems
  • Condensate handling
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Vent and flare stacks / Process control systems