Sand Jetting System


In cases where sand or solids deposition in either vertical or horizontal vessels is expected jetting systems can be installed. Sand jetting systems fluidize solids with pressurized water introduced through spray nozzles. The solids are then discharged through sand drains which are located down the length of the vessel. 

KASRAVAND educative sand jetting system is a sand conveying and removing apparatus that removes sand and other solids from a production separator on either a continuous or batch basis. The modular system can be retrofitted into existing separators as well as be incorporated into new-build plants. The KASRAVAND system can convert a three-phase separator into a true four-phase separator, or a two-phase separator into a true three-phase separator. The system has been developed for topside and subsea production separators. In either continuous or batch mode, the SCARPA system needs less water, is much less disruptive of the oil-water separation process, and removes solids more efficiently than a conventional jetting operation. Irrespective of the amount of sand in the separator, the KASRAVAND system will not allow the discharged sand concentration to rise above a preset peak, thus trading operation time for higher availability and reliability.

 Principle of operation 

 The KASRAVAND system is a continuously or batch-operating sand transport and removal system creating a low-velocity flow that runs along the bottom of the separator through the use of specialized educator nozzles. An eductor is an established solids-conveyance device that uses a small flow of high-pressure motive fluid to pump a higher-flow, lower-pressure fluid. Eductors’ format of suction from behind and discharge in front enables hydraulic balancing to generate a dynamic layer of water of comparatively low velocity along the bottom of a separator. Such hydraulic balancing prevents sand from settling and acts as an effective solids-transport system with minimal radial (vertical) disturbance.

This hydraulic conveyor can be directed toward one or more discharge outlet nozzles at the bottom of the separator and then route to the suction of an external CYCLOTECH Sandscape solids conveyance and concentration control system, which controls ejection of solids from the separator.