Gas Filter Elements


KASRAVAND gas filters both filter and/or coalesce harmful solid and liquid particulates and permanently remove them from a gas stream. KASRAVAND gas filter elements are available a large variety of configurations of both depth and pleated style technologies. This wide range of medias allow our clients to ensure chemical compatibility as well as optimal performance. 


Pleated Style Filter Elements:

KASRAVAND pleated style gas filter cartridges are high surface area high efficiency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of contaminants in critical gas applications. They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance medias with hardware customizable to suit your application.

Depth Style Filter Elements:

KASRAVAND depth style filter elements are specifically designed for gas filtration and filter coalescing. Through the use of a variety of highly compatible medias in a varying scale of fiber diameters, our graded density depth style designs provide the optimum combination of solid contaminant holding capability and liquid particle coalescing capability.