Liquid Filter Elements


KASRAVAND liquid filter elements provide final filtering solutions for countless of our clients industries and applications. Our liquid filtering products range from pleated, melt blown and resin bonded technologies, to activated carbon filters, metallic filters and many more. If you find that the filter style you are searching for is not contained within our site, please contact KASRAVAND or an authorized KASRAVAND distributor for verification, as many of our products are unlisted.



Pleated Style Filter Elements:

KASRAVAND pleated style liquid filter cartridges are high surface area high efficiency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of contaminants in critical gas applications. They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance Medias with hardware customizable to suit your application.

Depth Style Filter Elements:

KASRAVAND depth style liquid filter elements are carefully designed for the removal of contaminants from a liquid stream. Through the use of a variety of highly compatible medias in a varying scale of fiber diameters, our graded density depth style designs provide the optimum combination of flow characteristics and solid contaminant holding capability.